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Kwaku Manu Is Behind The Accident At Lilwin’ School, He Went To Juju – Abusua One God (Hot Video)



Former Sakawa King, Abusua One God has made a very damming allegation against actor Kwaku Manu.

The servant of the Karma god has revealed that Kwaku Manu and some family of Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin have plotted his downfall.

In a viral video, he accused Kwaku Manu of teaming up with the family of LilWin to destroy him spiritually.

He added that after finishing LilWin’s career spiritually, they caused the accident at LilWin’s school and used the blood of the one who died to thank the gods.

Abusua One God then urged LilWin to consult powerful spiritualists to avert this plot else his career will soon die leading to his eventual poverty.

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