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SAD NEWS: See Obituary Posters of Four Popular Nollywood Actors to Be Buried -[SEE PHOTOS]



It is a very heartbreaking moment to realise that some of our very own stars will be no more. We’ve lost a couple of Nollywood stars this year and some of them will be buried this month or the month after.

So, here are the obituaries of 4 of our Nollywood actors that will be buried in March or April:

1. Ernest Chidozie Asuzu.

Ernest died in the evening of Tuesday, January 26, 2021. The news of his death broke out the next morning. He will be buried in April.

2. Jim Lawson Maduike.

Late Chief Maduike who died at the age of 69 will be laid to rest in April.

3. Dan Chiahaoke Nkoloagu.

Late Chief Dan who died at 83 will be buried in March. He is the oldest on this list.

4. Ifeanyi Felix Odikaesieme.

Late Chief Ifeanyi will also be buried in March. He died at the age of 74.


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