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Suddenly I Saw The Car Ran Into Us, It Was Like A Movie – McBrown Opens Up About The Day She ‘Saw Death’ | Video



Nana Ama McBrown explains how in 2013 she had an accident with her husband, Maxwell, as she cautions road users.

Nana Ama McBrown is a household name. A movie star, entrepreneur, philanthropist, brand influencer and now the host of the popular weekly television programme United ShowBiz on UTV.

Her rise to fame has been meteoric but what many people do not know was how an accident with her husband in 2013 almost took her life but for the divine intervention of God.

Today, the multi-talented Actress and TV Presenter has a broken arm with a huge scar that is a constant reminder that she was saved.

Recounting events as they happened on a fateful day on the dawn of January 30, she explained that it was like nothing she had ever seen or felt before.

“I had to do a video for the musical group ‘Praye’, the video had been rescheduled several times so I said I just had to do it. I was driving from home when my husband who was then my boyfriend was like, let’s go together because I see you are tired, so we can hurry and return.

“It was about 9 pm when we left home. We finished everything at about 2am, so I just in the front seat of the car, relaxed, then my boyfriend was driving so there was a game I was playing on my phone.

“When we got to Lapaz, all I heard was ‘Ama y’awu (Ama we are dead), by the time I tried to look at what was happening, it was like a movie. Everything happened so fast, 5-6 seconds. All I saw was a car coming from Abeka into the main road, so the traffic was on amber, suddenly I saw the car ran into us, and Max drove into the right side, realizing that there were a lot of cars on the other side, if he had gone the other way, he would have ran into a lot of people and cars and someone may have died.

“So while trying to maneuver, the car came to hit us. I realized my hands were locked in between the seat so I had to relax and slowly bring it back. When I lifted it, I realized my bones were all out, my hands were crooked and I managed to come out of the car and there was blood all over,” she narrated.

What followed after the incident were long and painful trips to the hospital to have her broken arm mended and then physiotherapy.

She confessed, that lessons have been learnt and though she could really do nothing about the situation at the time, she has learned to manage her ‘speed craze’ among other things.

She further urged all and sundry to do the right thing and save lives on Ghana’s roads.

Watch her full emotional interview with GhanaWeb’s Laud Harris Adu-Asare:


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