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Actress Irene Opare Narrates How She Was Nearly Tricked To Have S3x With An Old Man At A Younger Age (Video)



Veteran actress Irene Opare has shared her story of how she was also almost tricked to have S3x with an older man at a younger age.

The actress shared this story on a show titled ‘A night to remember, where stars and celebrities share their story of a night they can’t forget.

Irene Opare was on this episode and she narrated how she nearly got raped By when she was nearly deceived to have S3x with an old man

She said she was sent to go buy kenkey that evening but because this man had been doing her ‘my wife’, ‘come and visit me’, she decided to visit him that very day.

Upon her arrival, the man welcomed her and began touching her, and asked her to let her see her ‘pipi’. When she did the man requested he puts his finger there and she agreed to let the man use her small finger.

But in the process, she realized she was enjoying it but got conscious of herself and asked the man to stop and she ran away.

Video below;


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