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BEEF: Yolo Actresses Etty Bedi And Christabel Beef Each Other Over Boyfriend Issue (WATCH)



Etty Bedi and Christabel Amoabin, both of Yolo fame have got their own beef going on.

These two fine actresses have started their own beef out of nowhere and the way it all started has raised eyebrows.

Some are of the view this could be a deliberate way to get people’s attention since obviously they don’t have it like the Fellas and Cyrils.

This video sighted online has Christabel claiming she knew Etty was dissing her indirectly in a post she made on her page.

The whole issue had to do with Christabel coming to cry on her page because her relationship with her boyfriend didn’t go well. This is what Etty feels was not right as an influencer to do because she is supposed to educate her fans and not come crying for issues like this.

Christabel off loaded all her displeasure and everything on her chest in this video, throwing direct shots to Etty Bedi.

Video below;


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