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Juventus Chief Confirms European Super League Project Is Finished After Premier League Clubs Withdrawal

Andrea Agnelli, the chairman of Juventus and a vice-chairman of the European Super League, has confirmed the breakaway competition cannot progress without the involvement of England’s ‘Big Six’. 

Asked by Reuters if the project could go ahead without the Premier League clubs, he said: ‘To be frank and honest no, evidently that is not the case.’ Agnelli had been one of the driving forces behind the hugely controversial tournament which was announced on Sunday with 12 rebel teams confirming their involvement as founding members. 

The clubs involved, however, have faced an unprecedented backlash with fans, pundits, politicians and players combining to voice their universal disastisfaction. Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night accused the English clubs involved of effectively forming a ‘cartel’ and threatened legislative action, while hundreds of Chelsea fans congregated outside Stamford Bridge last night to protest ahead of their Premier League game against Brighton.

The Blues, along with the five other English teams, have since confirmed they are withdrawing from the rebel competition, but Agnelli is still wedded to the idea. ‘I remain convinced of the beauty of that project,’ Agnelli added. 

‘But admittedly … I mean, I don’t think that that project is now still up and running. ‘We didn’t threaten anyone, we still want to participate in the domestic competitions. The tradition of football lies in the domestic championships. Fans are important to us and must have the chance to come to the stadium every Sunday.

‘The bonus of €350m per year is fake. We are still involved in domestic competitions, and we will play in every stadium in Italy, Spain and England. Every week, we’ll give the fans the league’s games and the games of a new competition that will bring closer the younger generations who are moving away from football. 

‘The younger ones want to watch significant events. They are not as attached to domestic competition as the previous generations, including mine. ‘A third of the fans worldwide follow the Super League clubs, the 10% follows footballers, not clubs, and the most worrying stat is that those between 16 and 24 years old have no interest in football whatsoever. ‘The Super League simulates what young people do on digital platforms in competition with Call of Duty, FIFA or Fortnite’


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