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Frank Lampard Reveals That Chelsea Now Have Two Managers



All followers and fans of Chelsea may find it difficult to believe but the legend of the club has revealed that the Blues have more than one manager.

Former Chelsea club manager Frank Lampard has claimed that Chelsea has two manager who are currently active in their boss Roman Abrahimovich record. The records indicates that the current manager Thomas Tuchel joined the club before the end of Lampard period with the club. This signifies that though his contract was terminated, he is still an active Chelsea manager. Tuchel joined Chelsea on 26 January, 2021 to replace Frank Lampard who showed poor performance of the club the deal signed by Russia billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Frank Lampard and Thomas Tuchel are the current two active managers in Chelsea boss Abrahimovich’s record. Frank Lampard joined club on 04 July, 2019 to replace Maurizio for a three year contract but later left the club earlier January 2020 after the poor relationship with the coaching staff and his club performance. His contract was terminated before the end of his time which makes him still in active record of managers. Lampard claimed that though his career was stopped before the end of the agreed period, he is still an active manager who is included in club payroll.

It is right to say that the Chelsea club is currently run by two managers because my term is not yet through as stipulated in the deal signed by Chelsea boss Abramovich. Tuchel was thought to fit this managerial seat in Stamford bridge after Frank Lampard failed to produce the results to the expectations of the management. Though Lampard was fired out of the club but he is still guaranteed to the wages until the stipulated time in the contract come to an end. Chelsea is therefore incharge of two managers.

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