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Guardiola Fires Warning To Chelsea As Referee Who Awarded 3 Penalties In 3 City UCL Games Sets To Officiate



Pep Guardiola seems very much fearless despite having his game to be officiated by a referee he has slippery relationship with

In three different Manchester City UEFA Champions League games, the Spanish referee has awarded three penalties against the Cityzens.

Not just these but Antonio Mateu Lahoz has also sent Pep Guardiola to the stands against Liverpool in 2018 and booked Sergio Aguero for diving during contest against AS Monaco in the previous UCL campaign.

But all these seems not to bother the former Barcelona manager who is confident his side will cause problems to Chelsea on the 29th of May.

Speaking in reaction to the game been officiated by a referee he has a bad history with, Pep Guardiola said; “Mateu Lahoz is a special guy, he likes to be different, he likes to be special.

Asked if he is bothered by the fact Mateu holds the whistle on Saturday, Guardiola continued; “Not one second, I could not care less. I am so confident in my team.

“You cannot imagine how confident I am in my team and what we have to do.”

City have already lost twice the West Londoners but Guardiola is fearless ahead of their third encounter.

“Chelsea create problems for all teams,” he added.

“We have to see how many problems we create for them … They have beaten us in two games, congratulations, but this is a different competition and a final and we will see what happens.”





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