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HIGHLIGHTS: Watch Villarreal Vs Manchester United Sensational Penalty Shootout In The Europa League Final



Villarreal won the Europa League trophy on Wednesday night against Man United in a penalty shootout at the Gdansk stadium in Poland.

Unai Emeri’s men were first to draw the blood of their rivals – Man Utd – in the 29′ minute after Gerrard Monero performed an awesome flick over the head of United’s keeper – De Gea – when a free kick cross was done into the box. 1-0

However, Man Utd pressured The Yellow Submarines until they won a corner kick.

A cross done into Villarreal’s box and the ball stayed a while in the box as Man Utd looked for an equaliser. The ball was finally cleared out, but it landed on Marcus Rashford who made an attempt with a long shot but it ended up deflected by Villarreal defenders. Edinson Cavani got the ball and did a tap-in into the back of the net ensuring the equaliser. 1-1

Meanwhile, after a full time draw, the match lasted till extra time which also ended draw 1-1 and it called for a penalty shootout to determine the winner of the Europa League trophy.

Villarreal players – including goalkeeper – scored their penalties but United’s keeper De Gea missed his opportunity which caused Man Utd the Cup.

Watch sensational Penalty shootout below:

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