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Kovacic Hopes To Win Champions League Win As 'Big Gift' For Chelsea Teammate



Mateo Kovacic compared Chelsea defender Thiago Silva to his former Inter Milan teammate Javier Zanetti and said the Chelsea defender deserved to win the Champions League.

Throughout his career, Kovacic has played alongside top players at clubs such as Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and Chelsea.

Among them is Silva, who joined Chelsea last summer and has quickly established himself as a key member of the squad.

The Brazilian international, on the other hand, is not Kovacic's first seasoned defender.

“They are comparable. Zanetti was a little older, he was 40 when I played with him, but they're both strong, big professionals, so experienced,” Kovacic said of Silva and the Inter Milan legend.

“When you watch them play, you notice how calm they are on the ball, particularly Thiago at the back. Two colossal games.

“I believe Thiago has yet to win the Champions League, and he deserves it as a player because he has accomplished so much in his career.

“So I'm hoping that this will be a significant gift for him and his career.”

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