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Mendy Is Ready To Prove Is Worth To Show Everyone That Chelsea Didn’t Make A Mistake



Rennes the former goalkeeper established himself as the club outright No1.

A lot of things changed for me, “Mendy says. Many reason are attached me, going from that player who could not get a club to where I am now cause I was convinced about my abilities to bring the best to the table, j was certain I could go all the way and make it as a professional player cause I was convinced whenever I saw other goalkeepers..

Then when I was without a club and I was living on unemployment benefits, I decided to go back to the club I had been with when I was at the academy and there I was training alongside goal keepers.

Family bond are always the best, my family provided real and strong support. Always they had my back, during tough times when I was really struggling financially, and the funny aspect of it was that I was going to be a father and for the very first time it was a real inspiration to me that I was going to have my own family and I was also going to have lots and lots of responsibility to take up.

And I have birth to a son, and can give my son good advise and say to him if the road gets tough like it did for me, u will have to lean on those tough times to be able to become stronger and get better improves yourself and never ever give up.


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