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BREAKING: Timo Werner Fires Message To Chelsea Board Amid Romelu Lukaku’s Arrival

Chelsea clearly did lost hope in using Timo Werner as a top 9 as they sign Romelu Lukaku

Timo Werner arriving Stamford Bridge was cause of his many goals back at Leipzig but unfortunately, since arriving, the German hasn’t been that good with goals.

With a very low conversion rate in front of goals, Timo Werner has been more of an assistant that a finisher.

Even last season, while benched many times, Tammy Abraham recorded more goals than the former Bundesliga star at some point.

But having landed Lukaku, Chelsea could see Tuchel using Werner as an outright winger now while Lukaku goes up front.

Speaking about Lukaku, Werner seems to have sent a message of hope to Chelsea board.

Werner shared that Lukaku’s presence will help fire him up as he always enjoyed having such strikers around him when going against opponents.

“He’s probably one of the best three strikers in the world at the moment, no questions. I don’t think we need to say too much about him,” Werner said of the Belgian.

“He is a world class striker who would benefit any team,” Werner continued.

“I certainly think at Leipzig, it always helped me having a big striker alongside.

“I think that helps me cause am not the biggest cause when and you play your own upfront, you obviously always have the attention of one or two broad defenders.

“It’s [Lukaku] a good new weapon to have in our game, when you know if you play a long ball, he will hold it up and then the fast players around him can set off, I think that’s a good thing for any team.

Chelsea will battle Villarreal tonight for the Super Cup Final.


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