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How Hakim Ziyech Link To Borrusia Dortmund Could Benefit Both Him And Chelsea.

Chelsea football club wing wizard Hakim Ziyech have not truly lived up to the hypes and expectations placed on him since his arrival from Ajax last two summers ago,

His time at stamford bridge have been punctuated by loss of form, injuries and in most cases inconsistent performance in games leading to him playing more of a peripheral roles for the club.

He could move to Borrusia Dortmund and link up with Haaland.

Although he has come up with few eye catching moments like scoring against Atletico Madrid in the UEFA champions league quarter final, scoring the only goal in the EFL cup to knockout Manchester city last season, scoring against Villarreal in UEFA super cup but those moment have been far and in between.

It could be that his style of play is not perfectly suited to the demand of the premier league but what ever thing it is, he has to find a way to enjoy his football and maybe rise to the heights he was at Ajax few seasons ago.

Hakim Ziyech have been inconsistent for Chelsea

To do that he may have to leave Chelsea and English football entirely and a link to Borrusia Dortmund looks perfect on paper as it will suit his style of play the more and he will have less competition unlike it is in Chelsea squad.

He is 27 years old and bench role is something that he must avoid at this point in career, as for Chelsea his sell will raise more fund and they can target a player with younger age and more especially with the physical attributes required to excel in the Barclay premier league



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