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SAD NEWS: 6-Year-Old Girl Is Raped, Stabbed To Death And Dumped Naked In Bushes (Photos)

A 6-year-old girl is raped, stabbed to death and dumped naked in bushes after going to a shop to buy sweets*

Little Inathi disappeared on her way to buy sweets and crisps from her local shop.

But her family became concerned when she failed to return with her devastated mum not even learning her little girl was missing until she returned from work on Monday evening. The girl's aunt, said the family "began to panic and did not know what to do".

Friends and neighbors embarked on a frantic search, which was only amplified after the owner of the local shop said he had not seen the girl at all.

Five hours after she initially went missing the family received a call to say she had been found.

The child's body was found stripped of underwear with a stab wound to her neck.

She was rushed to hospital but was tragically pronounced dead on arrival.

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