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Eden Hazard Finally Sends Apology To Chelsea Fans After Been Left Out Of Madrid Shaktar Game

The Belgian was left out of action once again as Real Madrid produced a Champions League win against Shaktar Donetsk

Just like Coutinho, Eden Hazard is definitely regretting ever leaving the club where he was the King and most loved player.

Truth be told, Chelsea fans love Eden Hazard more than they love Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard and seeing him leave was indeed a heartbreak that many may not forget.

80% of the Chelsea fans still hopes he returns to Stamford Bridge and puts on the Blues jersey just like he promised when he was leaving.

But it should be understood that Eden Hazard is a human being with personal goals, it’s just sad that this particular goal of his didn’t turn out the way everyone thought it would.

Since his big money move, Hazard has been seen struggling to find form and with Zidane leaving, the future has gradually become uncertain for him.

What even sealed his fate was the last time Ancelotti talked of him and said he just prefers having other players in the pitch than Eden Hazard.

Real Madrid indeed has been hell for Eden Hazard who was once a King and could take players on the run and still score goals.

With the transfer window fast approaching, Hazard could finally make that dream move for most Chelsea fans.

Every reports indicate that he is in some way linked to a return with Abramovich believing he will rediscover his form if he comes back.

Real Madrid are said willing to accept around €45m for his departure but it’s yet to be known if Chelsea will accept to pay such amount.

Meanwhile amidst all these saga, Hazard has taken out time to send an apology to the Chelsea fans during an interview.

“It’s good that the team won, and it’s just little sad for me that I wasn’t in the pitch to help in this winning.

“We played a good game and got a good result. The goals were great and it’s good that we found them.

Asked if Real Madrid feels same as Chelsea; “No, not at all, never. Chelsea is England and this is Spain.

“The fans at Chelsea connect to my soul directly, they dwell in my heart and this place am yet to grow that strong bond.

“Am sorry that I left Chelsea fans, maybe I can go back in the future but for now am concerned with my career here, I want to rediscover my form. I have been through a lot and I want to get back to what I used to do.

Chelsea are said very much interested in reuniting with Eden Hazard as that could also help him escape injury woes.


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