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Why Chelsea Should Not Discard Antonio Rudiger’s Increase In Salary Demand

Antonio Rudiger has been in contract talks with Chelsea for the past few months. The Defender’s contract will expire at the end of the season. According to reports, Rudiger is asking for an increase in the salary been offered to him. Reports claim Chelsea offered Rudiger €160,000 but he requested for €200,000. While some fans believe what Rudiger is asking for too much, some believe he deserves what he asks for.

In my opinion, Antonio Rudiger deserves whatever he asks for as long as it is reasonable. Antonio Rudiger who currently receives €100,000 per week is one of the top 3 defenders in the season this season. He is always one of the first player on the list for Tuchel. Compared to all other top defenders, Rudiger salary is very low. Maguire receives up to €230,00 0 per week and he is not even near Rudiger’s form.

Rudiger is 28 years old which means he his at the peak of his career. This contract he want to sign with Chelsea is likely to be the last one where he will be able to dictate the terms of the deal to favor him. After this contract, he is likely to be around 33-34 years and by then, it will be difficult to get a mouthwatering deal.

No one needs to be a hypocrite about this issue. No matter how dedicated a player is, Everyone wants to make money. I am not saying Chelsea should give Rudiger a huge deal but I think he deserves to receive €200,000 per week




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