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Good News As Thomas Tuchel Hinted on Chelsea Contract Regarding Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger

The Chelsea head coach is hopeful that we can still find an amicable solution in both players’ cases, even as we’re now just a few weeks away from the January transfer window, when both Toni and Andreas will be able to talk to other teams about a free transfer in the summer — with plenty of interested parties ready to entice them away.

But can money buy you everything? Maybe not.

“We have to accept that sometimes there can be delays and things may take their time but I am very sure that Toni also feels how respected and what an important role he plays at the club. I think he is up for the toughest challenge in the Premier League, this is the toughest challenge, to win titles so he is a big part of a big club and I am sure he is aware of it.

“I am calm, I feel Toni is calm, I feel the situation is calm here inside and from here we go. I am happy that he plays like how he is and we need him at this kind of level.”

With Chelsea not looking likely to accede to Rüdiger’s wage demands, it’s now up to him to choose his own adventure and happiness.

Similarly, Andreas Christensen will have to figure out what he truly wants, with his situation reportedly hinging on contract length and maybe some agent shenanigans. Tuchel still sounds confident enough of an eventual signature.

“From Andreas, in my point of view the coach, player and club wants the same thing. Hopefully, and obviously, I expect some good news in the next days but every case is different. You can end up in situations like this but the situations are handled from all sides very carefully, professionally and mature.

“During the process, we can produce the performances we need to fulfil our goals and that’s the most important thing.”

-Thomas Tuchel

Eyes on the prize. Make it so 

The Dane is out of contract at the end of the season and is yet to sign an extension to his current deal.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s clash with Leicester City, Tuchel admitted that he is expecting good news in the ‘coming days’ regarding Christensen’s contract situation.

When discussing the contract situations of Christensen and fellow defender Antonio Rudiger, the German head coach said: “Absolutely. Things are handled very mature, very respectful and very clear. Of course there are some delays with Toni and Andreas in the moment. 

“Listen, for Andreas, from my point of view, everybody wants the same thing. The coach wants the same thing, the club want the same thing and the players wants the same thing. 

Obviously, I expect some good news in the next days. Every case is different. You can end up in situations like this but the situations are handled by all sides very carefully, very calm and very mature. So, during the process we can produce performances that we need to fulfil our goals. That is the most important thing.”

The news will come as a boost to Chelsea fans, who see Rudiger, Christensen, Cesar Azpilicueta and Thiago Silva all out of contract and able to talk to foreign clubs from January.

The Blues will be hoping to extend the deals for their other defenders in due course as Tuchel looks to retain his squad for next season.



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