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Why Thomas Tuchel May Regret His Decision On Christian Pulisic’s Possible Exits

Christian Pulisic tends to be one of the best attackers in the Chelsea squad, but subsequent injuries has been inhibiting him from offering the ultimate expected service needed. Thomas Tuchel has authorized or acknowledged the sale of the American captain amid Barcelona interest.

It was reportedly affirmed that The Spanish Giant is willing to sign the 23 years old footballer. They lost their Legend Lionel Messi on free agent last summer, it seems they are keen to restructure the team by bringing him some highly prolific players like Pulisic.

Meanwhile, Pulisic was signed to Chelsea from Dortmund as Eden Hazard’s potential replacement, and now there is a rumor-mongering his departure from Stamford Bridge. Following this rumor, Thomas Thuchel may regret acknowledging Cristian Pulisic’s departure due to the reasons below.

In the past season, Chelsea has made some transfer decision which has led to the loss of some quality players. The likes of Muhammad Salah who is currently recommended as an iconic or prolific player in the Liverpool squad, and Kelvin Debruyne who happens to be Manchester City best midfielder in the history of th club a excellent citation for the current circumstances, then we’re sold out and now they have become heroes in their various clubs.

Eventually, if Barcelona signed Pulisic and he became performed handsomely, either Chelsea or Tuchel would be blamed for the reckless decision.

Another reason is that the American Player is in his early 20s, he is 23 years and he has more time to advance in the game. He already possessed the needful quality a competent attacker should have, but the issue of inconsistency remains a considerable problem, which I think is the reason being Thuchel agreed the possible sale of the player.

Chelsea needs more players most especially in the attacking role, highly competitive clubs need more quality players to challenge their rivals. Therefore, to search Pulisic replacement will be a great task if he allows the American footballer’s departure from the team and he may regret doing so.


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