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I F#ck For Living, GHC 45 For Short – Video Causes Stir As Ghanaian Lady Speaks About Her Hustle

A young Ghanaian lady has sent social media into a meltdown after disclosing the kind of job she does.

A lady has revealed on camera that she is into prostitution – she does prostitution for living.

She branded her job as a night hustle and she also revealed her charges.

According to the unidentified lady, she charges GHC 50 for short time and pays GH5 for the room.

Explaining further, she disclosed that on good days, she can get about GHC 600 – 700.

She described the room as a nice wooden structure with a bed and a fan.

Also, the GHC 5 they pay for the room caters for their condom and tissue.

But the saddest part of her story is that she can’t stop doing drugs.

She noted that she blows all her money on drugs and that is destroying her life.

The young lady revealed that though she has children, she is not able to send them money all the time because she wastes almost all her money on drugs.

She has therefore pleaded for support to be out of the street and also to stop abusing drugs.

Watch the video below;


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