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“Sorry Dear”: Beautiful Nigerian Lady Cries Bitterly In Video After Boyfriend Of 7 Years Dumped Her

A young lady has gone online to cry following her heartbreak after seven long years of a relationship With tears all over her face, the lady shared photos in quick succession with a piece of background music Many Nigerians wondered why she would come on social media to cry over a man after their intimate relationship broke down.

A young lady, @dianabby39, has gone online to share a short video of herself crying bitterly after her relationship broke down. Tagging her ex-boyfriend that broke up with her, the lady wondered why he would break her heart in such a way after the years they had spent together.

The lady said the man left her because she does not wear purple like the girl he is now with.

Many people found it funny that a pretty girl like her would come on social media to cry over a heartbreak. In another clip, she said:

"The biggest mistake you can make in this world is to fall in love."

Watch the video below: 

@dianabby39 @crispdal ♬ No Feelings - chases

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