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Shatta Wale is the Biggest Fanfooler in Ghana – Shatta’s Former Bodyguard Exposes Him for Being Stingy and Wicked Towards His Employees

A former bodyguard of self-proclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale, has exposed him for being stingy and wicked towards his employees.

The former bodyguard was furious as he exposed his former boss.

According to him, Shatta Wale claims to be generous and often attacks Sarkodie for being stingy yet people who work for him do not reap any benefits.

He revealed that whenever Shatta Wale needs to travel around the country he comes for them to provide him with security and pays them peanuts yet when he has to travel abroad, he fills his entourage with bimbos and slay queens and leaves them behind.

The bodyguard asked why Wale thinks they not worthy of travelling abroad as well?

He said Shatta Wale is the biggest fanfooler in Ghana and deserves to be exposed for the fake image he portrays.

Watch the video below…

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