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“You can’t snatch people’s husbands and go scot-free” – Prophet Kofi Oduro to Moesha Buduong

Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster Ministries has attributed the predicaments of Ghanaian actress and socialite, Moesha Boduong to the alleged work she does.

The man of God claims Moesha never thought this could ever happen to her but this is the reward for being a sidēchick.

“That lady who has done her buttøcks like a slay queen or something who has strøke, she never believed that she was going to be lying on the bed”, he said.

Speaking before his congregation in a viral video, Prophet Kofi Oduro has said that the actress is bēdridden because she took monies from married men in exchange for sēx.
According to him, it is not every married woman that a sidēchick could snatch their husbands or take money from their husbands and go scot-free.

“When we talk listen, when we talk listen because it does not take long for a person to put themselves into trouble. Some people may snatch their husbands but will never have peace. Because some of these women are constantly prayerful women. 

They have a covenant with God. It is not any woman that you can snatch their husbands. It is not every husband we snatch. There are some husbands that one can snãtch and go mãd. Listen carefully”, he said.

“You know you will not marry them so why are you collecting their money. As a young lady if you know you will not marry the young man why”, he questioned.

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