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56-year-old GH man cries as “white lady” he met on Facebook dupes him of Ghs 2500

A 56-year-old Ghanaian man has publicly disclosed how he got scammed by an individual he strongly believes is a young guy but paraded himself as a white lady.

Speaking on Ka Bi Ma Me show, the man disclosed that the ‘white lady’ sent him a friend request on Facebook and he accepted.

Days after accepting the friend request, the lady shared a photo of herself looking very sad.

Being worried about her, he asked her if all was okay to which the ‘lady’ lied to him that she had lost a friend.

He then told him to replace him with her lost friend.

They started chatting and as their conversation progressed, the ‘lady’ promised to gift him iPhones, Macbooks and other valuables.

As stated by the man, his Facebook lover promised to send him 13 iPhones, 4 MacBook laptops, and 3 Apple Watches.

Days after the promise, he received a call from an unknown number that the lady had sent him a package from the States hence he was to pay Ghs 700 as delivery fee.

Just 5 minutes after sending the Ghs 700, the unknown number called him again to send an additional Ghs 1500.

After sending the Ghs1500, he was later asked to send an additional Ghs 200.

Later, another guy called Emma also called him to send him Ghs 300 and he bargained with him to pay Ghs 100 because he was low on cash.

Unfortunately, he later realised that he had been blocked by all the numbers that took the money from him.


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