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FC Porto Coach Conceição Reports Tuchel’s Misconduct After The Final Whistle



FC Porto’s coach, Sérgio Conceição stick to his words yesterday, as the Portuguese side defeated Chelsea in 1-0. But, Thomas Tuchel’s men later made it to Champions League semi-final, because they have got 2-away goals in the first leg.

Seriously, Porto attacked Chelsea dangerously in both halves and the Blues looked helplessly against them. As, their defensive line was so strong for the Portuguese side, and they managed to bag just 1 goal at the injury time.

Meanwhile, Sérgio Conceição claimed that Thomas Tuchel did something to him, and that was what caused the burst up between players at the end of the match. As that doesn’t look on good on Chelsea’s boss reputation.

The Porto’s gaffer claimed that Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel insulted him at the full time, and that was why there was pair between the players at the end of the game. Sérgio Conceição said that the Blues manager insulted him, and the forth referee heard him.

Of course, having watched the match yesterday, it was clear that the Portuguese side boss wanted to shake hands with the Blues boss. However, Chelsea’s manager declined his greeting, and Porto’s boss claimed that Tuchel insulted him.

Obviously, after the final whistle yesterday, there was a petty bust-up between the players, more like an argument. And, Sérgio Conceição just said that it was because Thomas Tuchel insulted him.

Without being biased, what the Blues boss didn’t sound well, but he has no reason to insult Porto’s boss and there’s no reason for him to decline his greetings. As a matter of fact, Porto deserves some credits yesterday, because they fought Chelsea till the last minute.

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